The New Fitness

Your body, remastered.

About the book

The New Fitness is a philosophy of life built around common sense. It stands on the fundamental idea that your body is a temple for your soul.

Fitness is a huge business, and it gets harder to weed out the good advice from marketing sales pitch.

The beauty is in the simplicity. The New Fitness will give you simple, yet effective tools to remaster your body.

Why this book?

I have an experience with dying relatives. My mother died of cancer ten years ago; my brother committed suicide three years ago, and my wife died of cancer on January 2016 leaving me with then 14 months old daughter.

My mom had cancer as a consequence of psychological stress caused by a rather violent relationship with my alcoholic addict father. My brother suffered depressions and hanged himself on the rope when he couldn’t bear them anymore.

My wife was slowly deteriorating thanks to the painkillers. I witnessed the frightening changes in her personality. In a sense, I had lost her long before her body stopped working. She was only 25 years old when she died.

I remember driving back home from Prague where I left temporarily my small daughter with sister-in-law until I will find some nanny to look after her. It was only a few days after the funeral, and I was thinking about life while speeding on the highway. I thought that it was too much already and that I don’t want to take any more of anything.

I was a split second from closing my eyes and stepping on the gas pedal with the full force to break the fence along the bridge rising over a vast, deep valley below me. I imagined that it would be quick and the free fall from 300 meters would kill me rather fast.

But I didn’t do it as you've probably realized. I didn’t give up. In that very moment I have decided that instead of mourning the dead of my wife, I will rather celebrate her life by changing mine completely from the ground up.

It was almost a year ago as of writing these lines, and I achieved quite a lot. I started my own online business from nothing. Having only a few minutes left every day after taking care of my daughter, I worked on iPhone game. Eventually, I created my first course about programming and published it on Udemy. Later I joined Skillshare and made almost $10.000 in just a three months. But this book is not about my online business.

All three people I have lost had left this world too soon because they had a problem with their body. Even though we can't tell what will happen to us, we can do our best to keep ourselves alive as long as possible. This book will help you with that.

When will be this book available?

When it's done :-)


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